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  Contre-Jour proposes 2 nice evenings in Brussels for its birthday ! 20 years and 3 new Albums
15 FEBRUARY with Driss El Maloumi & Dobet Gnahore with her new album !
12 MARCH with Kareyce Fotso & Habib Koite
Centre Culturel d'Auderghem
info : www.cc-auderghem.be www.ticketnet.be
See you there with pleasure ! and Thanks to the nice artist for their faithfulness.
  Dobet Gnahore presents her 4st album.. shortly !
Dobet Gnahoré returns with force. But a gentle force, like tenderness brandished at arm’s length for a heart-to-heart exchange.
This album has been produced with the complicity of her musicians Colin Laroche de Feline Clive Govinden & Boris Tchango & the co,mplicity of Lokua Kanza & Paco Sery for 2 tracks.
Release date in Europe : March 2014

  New album for Habib Koite
Few unnecessary songs exist for Habib Koité. He proves this once again with his latest compositions. Not rousing protest songs, but a gentle message about the pleasure of being at home, the happiness of being in Mali, of being aware of his roots and appreciating them. A human patriotism. Soô conveys this in total simplicity.
And with acoustic music that also weaves the threads that bind people and cultures. E Bours
US & European tours from Jan 31,2014

  Driss El Maloumi Trio
Having travelled the world with Jordi Savall, 3MA (Ballaké Sissoko and Rajery), Paolo Fresu, Debashish Bhattacharya and Montserrat Figueras and having lent his oud playing to Armand Amar and Laurent Voulzy, Driss El Maloumi has returned home. In Agadir, at the crossroads of Arab, Amazigh, western and sub-Saharan cultures, he invites his oud to distil the spices gleaned from a thousand travelled paths. Quietly, simply, in intimate dialogue with two percussionists, so that his instrument can fully express his desire to revel in the contact with other essences, other colours. His new album MAKAN will be released next April
  Duo Habib Koite & Eric Bibb
On the road between Memphis & Bamako with Eric Bibb & Habib Koite
  Kareyce Fotso presents her new solo album "Kwegne"
A powerful voice, original, recognisable between others, tinted lightly by a vell of blues. A unique jewel in the constellation of the African stars.
  Aly Keïta presents you his first solo album " FARAFINKO "
Aly’s balafon is first and foremost a work of art. In some ways, Aly is the “king” of musical tuning: he has customized his string and wood instrument by adding different sized calabash resonators, making it sound like no other balafon on earth.
In his compositions, Aly speaks about everyday life, orphans and mothers, and men’s shame... The musical translation is that of a virtuoso of mallets. Aly becomes part of his instrument, caressing it with tenderness, striking it with force and at great speed. You will listen to Kélétigui Diabate invited by Aly for this Cd tribute to the balafon and one of his master.
He is a magician, a sorcerer who expresses the joy of life through his art thourhg his first solo album.

  Grammy Award for Dobet Gnahore & India Arie
India.Arie (USA) and Dobet Gnahore (Ivory Coast) just won a 2010 Grammy Award in the category "Best Urban / Alternative Performance for solo, duo, group or collaborative performances, with vocals" for the song "Pearls" inspired by the Dobet Gnahore's track "Palea", from her second album "Na Afriki".
  Aly Keïta begins a tour in Africa
This 2 monthes tour will begin by Mozambique and will cover South and East Africa and also some Indian Ocean islands
In 1994 Contre-Jour decided to begin the artist's management and production (affter experiences in light design, tourmanagement..)
1995 : our first experience of production with the the 1st Cd of Habib Koite ("Muso Ko") & his European tours... with also a 1st showcase at the Womex "off" in Brussels and his participation at the Masa in Abidjan.
Since 1995, we produced 24 albums and many tours around the world.
Contre-Jour is particularly happy & proud to contribute to the development of the career of "our" artists, coming, for most of them, from Africa.

Michel De Bock
Genevieve Bruyndonckx

  First concert @ Givet (France)

  The new album of Dobet Gnahore is just released !
The 3rd album of Dobet Gnahore "Djekpa La You" (CJ024) will be available in the good music shops on on your favortie website from March 1st. ! To discover the music on stage, see the planning on this website .
  Welcome to Kareyce Fotso !
New artist at the agency Contre-Jour, Kareyce Fotso will release her new and fist solo album in March. She will be in East and South Africa for 6 weeks before to come in Europe to present her new songs. Incredible nice voice to discover !
  new Gangbe Brass Band video
Salaam Aleikoum
recorded at Ganvie (Benin)

  Photo web gallery
Under permanent construction...

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All our CDs Contre-Jour are available on our website via PayPal
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  Afel Bocum - NEW CD "Niger"
Afel Bocoum's new album is now available in record store since begin of may. Afel will be touring for the release of this album (check the agenda section)
  Assiko!, 3rd Album
“Welcome the metal peace and share it with an iron will"The fird album of the Gangbe Brass Band is available!

"Listening to the Gangbe Brass Band, an interesting question arises. Is it the world that makes music or the other way around? Upon meeting Gangbe, both seem to be true and it appears that music may well “make” the world when it is built and performed on the basis of a commitment...". Etienne Bours.
Label Contre Jour CJ021

  New title on a Putumayo Compilation for Dobet Gnahoré
Putumayo will release Music from the Chocolate Lands on November 9, 2004. In the spirit of the best-selling Music from the Coffee Lands (over 300,000 sold), Music from the Chocolate Lands offers a rich selection of songs from the world’s chocolate producing countries.
  Dobet Gnahore
Without doubt, the revelation of this year.
Here you are the come back of the "Sound of the metal" : the Gangbe Brass Band is back with a third album, "WHENDO" , always full of energy.
The Beninese fanfare continues his musical way mixing tradtional musics and jazz influences with a powerful brass section and incredible rhythm's.

  Dobet Gnahore - Review by Damian Rafferty
FLY Press review on FLY Global Music Culture

  Sofada - Gangbe Brass Band's new videoclip

  Afel Bocum & Alkibar
After his participation at the "Desert Blues" project, Afel will recorded a new CD release by Contre-Jour
  "Na Afriki", the new opus of Dobet Gnahoré
The release of the second CD of Dobet will be :
- UK at mi February by Harmonia Mundi UK
- USA at end of April by Cumbancha

  Dobet Gnahore @ "Le Divan du Monde" - Paris
Dobet will perform 2 concerts on Jan 25 & 26 at the venue "Le Divan du Monde" - Paris for the release on her new CD "Na Afriki"
  Desert Blues- Back in Europe before the Summer !
After some great concerts given in the Summer 2004, this Malian projectDesert Blues is back before this Summer with the same bands : Habib Koite & Bamada, Tartit and Afel Bocoum.
Tour period : begin of June in Innsburck, Ljubljana, Zagreb, Winterthur, Nijmegen, Skopje... (see in the "Agenda")

  Aly Keïta & Friends
For this création musicale, Aly will be on stage with Manou Gallo (bass), Pierre Vaiana (sax), Dobet Gnahoré (vocals & percussions) et Boris Tchango (drums & percussions)
  Acoustic Africa - female vocals
Listen to the power of song, of singing, in the voices of Dobet Gnahoré, Manou Gallo and Kareyce Fotso.

Three voices of women from the Ivory Coast and Cameroon, three stage presences, three outlooks, three movements... but sharing the same spirit. And this, a dynamic song, deeply rooted in an approach that never denies its ancestral roots but welcomes influences from African and Afro-American movements such as funk, blues and Afro-pop.

  Good Bye to Kélétigui Diabate, master balafonist
Kélétigui Diabaté died on this Friday November 30th. Last month, he was still playing for a concert at the French Institute of Bamako.
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