Driss El Maloumi

Master and virtuoso of the oud, the artist presents TAFASSIL (Details), his new musical work for oud, percussion and symphony orchestra. 

It is accompanied by his perpetual search for the authentic «Tarab» (to reach musical ecstasy, the exaltation of the soul in the whirlwind of music) and nourished by his thoughts and «musical» observations linked to his imposed isolation over the last 20 months that Driss composed the pieces of his creation.

In collaboration with Zig-Zag World & Contre-Jour

Listen "Le Commandement de l'Arbre"

Listen "Le Commandement de l'Arbre"

Management & Label 

Contre-Jour (Belgium) 

Michel De Bock  -  michel(@)contrejour.com 

Geneviève Bruyndonckx - genevieve(@)contrejour.com