Omar Péne

His music... it has travelled the world. 

His particular voice, his «afro feeling» style mixing the Senegalese sounds of Mbalax, blues, jazz, reggae and salsa, make Omar Péne one of the greatest artists in Africa. 

In 2022, Omar Péne will celebrate his 50th anniversary of career. 

He is back with «Climat», an acoustic album produced by the French-Senegalese guitarist Herve Samb.

Listen "Climat"


Diamono Production (Senegal) 

Ousmane Faye  -  ousmanecati(@) 


Contre-Jour (Belgium)  

Michel De Bock  -  michel(@)  


Safoul Production (France)  

Assane Ndoye - assanel(@)

Studio Shots at Dakar (2021)