Manou Gallo

How perilous it is to revamp certain immortalized universal classics, especially with indisputable African icons! 

For this 5th opus, Manou Gallo brilliantly takes up the challenge by judiciously tweaking titles of Fela Anikulapo Kuti, Franco-Luambo Makiadi, Manu Dibango ... 

On stage, she lights up with her characteristic energy!


2C Productions (France)

Claire Diboa  -  claire(@)


Contre-Jour (Belgium) 

Michel De Bock  -  michel(@) 


BlueLine (France) 

Michel Vautrot - michel(@)  



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Manou Gallo @ Calgary Folk Music Festival 2022

Calgary Folk Music Festival 2022, Calgary, AB

Over the bridge and across the island, an enchanting adventure awaits at the Calgary Folk Music Festival, presented by ATB. Immerse yourself in a magical weekend of song and dance featuring artists from near and far on Prince‰Ûªs Island Park, July 21‰ÛÒ24. _Ù¥__Ù_¼‰Ï¬

Held at Calgary's idyllic Prince‰Ûªs Island Park since 1980, Calgary Folk Music Festival is one of Canada‰Ûªs flagship, trailblazing music festivals with a national and international profile and a broad, cutting-edge programming vision.